Window cleaning testimonials

Mrs J:Customer

Lovely, friendly guys, happy to help with any jobs they can, not just window cleaning. Thank you Rob/Tom

Mrs J


We had a window cleaner who was using the poles(reach and wash), they did not do a very good job, a neighbour recommended Robert and Tom, who came and cleaned the windows to a better standard then before so am impressed.


number 112:customer

Great job done, also got them to clean the gutters, and was really impressed.

number 112

Anita Crouch:Customer

Really happy with the job done, they have been cleaning my windows for years. Highly recommend!

Anita Crouch

Mary Fitzpatrick:customer

Great clean windows, we are right on the beach so the windows are usually a mess, not when they have been! good job!

Mary Fitzpatrick

Trenchers Catering:Customer

Highly recommend, nice guys from Birmingham, always willing to chat football, as well as clean windows.

Trenchers Catering


Had my windows cleaned for the first time today, Rob and his lad did a great job, impressed so far!



Great Job - Thank you!


Tony number 53:-

Great window cleaning, i have recommended you to a friend at number 12, please do his when you do ours, always great!