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Kincaid Window Cleaning Service Lowestoft

Window Cleaning Service Kessingland and Lowestoft, is a Father & Son Business, with a wealth of window cleaning experience having been in the business of cleaning windows for 40 years, (30 years of which dealing with corporate cleaning and shop front window cleaning in The Great city of Birmingham) Now we are fully based in Lowestoft and the surrounding areas, and cleaning house windows is our main business. Always friendly, We will always do our best for you! Call Robert Kincaid on the telephone number from the contact screen to get in touch, or drop us an email. Thank you for visiting our website.

History of Window cleaning:
Windows have been getting cleaned as long as there have been glass to clean, meaning the art of a window cleaner goes back as far as 2000bc on ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia.
Windows where first being used in mid 19th century.

The squeegee we use to clean the windows came from Chicago in the early 1900s, and was originally based a tool used to scrape the fish guts and mess off the deck of a boat, these were very high tech for the time, until 1936 when a man called Ettore Steccone developed was is best know as the modern squeegee. Ettore products are still the leading provider of squeegees to this day.

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